MinDgo v2

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MinDgo v2 is now available for download from the Apple App Store. This version of MinDgo improves upon node presentation and includes the following new features and bug fixes;

  • Selectable Node Styles – Nodes can be displayed in one of 4 user selectable node styles.

  • Child Node Counts – The number of children is displayed in the node. The child count is only visible using one of the new node styles.

  • App Settings – New MinDgo app settings (available through the Settings app) allowing for node style selection. New Info button replaces Settings button on Document List page.

  • Improved Icon Support – 7 additional icons and new icon editor. Any number of icons can be associated with a node and up to 3 icons will be displayed (depending on selected node style). New icons are; Black Flag, Blue Flag, Green Flag, Orange Flag, Pink Flag, Red Flag and Yellow Flag.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

    • Updated Reload/Save/Export functionality in Documents Details.

    • Updated Node Details and Icon Chooser (was Editor) to accommodate arbitrary number if icons