MinDgo v3

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MinDgo v3 is now available in the Apple App Store.

What’s new in MinDgo v3

  • Functional Changes:

    • New support for Rich Format and Plain Text nodes.
    • Node Styles (added in v2) have been replaced by Rich Format support.
    • Support for iOS 5
  • Visual Improvements:

    • Cell Shading: Mind map nodes are now shaded, providing greater visual separation.
    • Child Counts: The display of node children has been visually enhanced.
  • Analytics

    • Google Analytics are used to collect non-personal usage information. Please refer to the in-app Privacy Policy for more details.
  • App Settings Changes:

    • Node Style: The Node Style setting has been removed. Rich Formatting (added in v3) provides more flexibiity than Node Styles.
    • Text Size: A new Text Size setting allows the user to control the font size used to display node text in both Plain Text and Rich Format nodes. The choices (Small, Medium or Large) allow for approximately 2 to 4 lines of text displayed per node.