MinDgo End of Life

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A few important announcements regarding the MinDgo iOS app;

first the good news…

  • A new MinDgo app is on it’s way. This new MinDgo is based on a fresh code-base and will have a new (as of yet unknown) name. Make sure that your mind maps are saved outside of MinDgo so that you’ll be able to import them into the new version when available.

now the bad news…

  • There will be no further updates for the original version of MinDgo. It has been increasingly difficult to support the legacy code base and the iOS 3.1.3 platform with each update of Apple’s development tools. Apple openly wants to push end-users and developers alike to the latest platforms.

  • Dropbox is dropping support for the API used by MinDgo (original) after December 2012. MinDgo will continue to work but expect problems when attempting to import/export with Dropbox.