Using Dropbox With MinDgo 2 v1.1

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In this tutorial we’ll be covering the Dropbox features built into MinDgo 2. This tutorial uses MinDgo 2 v1.1. You can expect the Dropbox experience to improve in later releases.

Starting Mind Map

  • Start with an example mind map (, loaded into Freeplane.
  • Uncheck some items (nodes) by changing the node icons.
  • Save the mind map to a folder on Dropbox.


Launch MinDgo 2 on an iOS device and import the mind map from Dropbox by:

  • Press the Add button
  • Choose Copy from Dropbox. The Dropbox Files view is displayed but empty since the app hasn’t yet been linked with Dropbox. We’ll need to link the app with Dropbox.
  • Press the Link button. If you have the Dropbox app loaded on your device, the app will be launched and you’re asked to allow MinDgo access to your Dropbox files.
  • Press Allow. The app gets linked to Dropbox and the Dropbox Files view will now list your Dropbox files and folders.
  • Locate and select the mind map. It gets imported into MinDgo 2 and listed in the Documents view.

Let’s edit the mind map.

  • Select the document to open (Groceries.mindgo) and navigate down the tree to the items in the Grocery section.
  • Check-Off the Spaghetti and Spaghetti Sauce items by changing their icons in the node details editor.
  • Close the document by navigating back up to the Documents view.

Now let’s export a copy of the mind map back to Dropbox. From the Documents view;

  • Press the Edit button
  • Select the document (Groceries.mindgo)
  • Press the Action button on the toolbar
  • Select Copy to Dropbox. The document is copied to Dropbox, overwriting the file found there.

Verify Updates

Reload the mind map in Freeplane and see the results.

  • Close the current Freeplane window
  • Reload the file from Dropbox
  • Expand the nodes if necessary. Notice that the Spaghetti and Spaghetti Sauce items are now checked, indicating that we’re seeing the changes that we made on the iOS device.


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