MinDgo 2

Version 2

MinDgo 2 is a first and foremost, a companion app to FreeMind and Freeplane, two great open source mind-mapping applications for your desktop. MinDgo 2 allows you to view and edit mind maps on your small screen iOS devices.

If you’re not already a FreeMind or Freeplane user, you should be. If you’re already using one of these applications, you’ll want to have MinDgo so that you will have your mind maps with you when you’re on-the-go.

MinDgo will run on an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 5.1 or greater. MinDgo is mind mapping on-the-go.


Import and Export mind maps

  • Create new documents directly on device
  • Copy mind maps to device and import using iTunes File Sharing
  • Browse and import documents from Dropbox
  • Supports Open in... protocol allowing MinDgo to import mind maps from other apps such as Email
  • Export documents as email attachments
  • Export documents and copy of of device using iTunes File Sharing
  • Export documents directly to Dropbox
  • Supports FreeMind 0.9.0 and Freeplane 1.2.20 file formats
  • Synchronize documents stored on Dropbox.

View and Edit mind maps

  • View mind maps as hierarchical tables views to best take advantage of small device displays
  • cut/copy/paste and rearrange nodes within mind map
  • Edit node text and notes

Node Formatting

  • Format nodes using Italics, Bold, Font Size, and Node Style. Note: Node Style (fork, bubble) is not displayed
  • Supports both Plain Text and Rich Text node styles
  • Rich Text nodes can be edited using simple HTML markup
  • Apply Physical Styles to nodes. Note 1: Limited to Physical Style elements corresponding to supported formatting options. Note 2: Supports predefined patters; Default, Normal, OK, Needs action, Hot, Detail, Folder, Topic, Larger Topic, Waiting Topic, Object/Keyword, Object of Code, Question, Open Question, Bad, Blue, Pink, Cyan, AutomaticMindMapRoot, MindMap1, MindMap2, MindMap3, MindMapDefault
  • Add and remove Icons. Note: Only the first 3 icons are displayed in the node view
  • Change node Background Color
  • Display node Attributes

App Settings

  • Version: Displays the version number of the app
  • Text Size: Selects the size of the displayed text