MinDcard v2.0

MinDcard v2.0 is now available for purchase at the Apple app store. This version is primarily a refinement (both internal and user visible), but it also includes several notable feature enhancements. These changes include;

Supports Freeplane 1.2.18 (in addition to FreeMind 0.9.0)

During the initial development of MinDcard, Freeplane was updated from 1.1.3 to 1.2.18. This update catches up with the latest stable version of Freeplane. MinDcard will support FreeMind 1.0 when it leaves beta, until then it support the latest stable version (0.9.0).

UPDATE: Freeplane was quietly updated to version 1.2.20 on 2012-10-20. It doesn’t look like there were changes to the file format that would affect compatibility with MinDcard.

In-app Settings. Nodes can now be annotated using a user selected icon or customizable attribute

A new in-app settings controller is included that, amount other things, allows the user to specify the icon that MinDcard uses to identify study nodes (the Remember icon is the default). MinDcard can now also use attributes to identify study nodes. The attribute name is fixed as “MinDcard.annotation” but the value can be specified by the user. MinDcard looks at both icon and attribute settings when identifying study nodes.

User Interface refinements

The user interface has been refined for a cleaner and more consistent look between the iPad and iPhone versions. This also resulted in a smaller app download size.