New "Import Error" alert

A minor update to MinDgo is in the works that will help identify parsing problems when importing mind maps. As you know, MinDgo imports and exports FreeMind compatible data files. The problem occurs when these files contain badly formatted XML which can easily happen as a result of bad HTML markup in rich-text nodes or notes.

When MinDgo encounters such errors, it simply stops processing the file, resulting in a truncated mind map and no error or warning is displayed to the user. In contrast, when FreeMind encounters such errors processing continues. However the error results in a small amount of data corruption. Again, no error or warning is displayed to the user.

With this update, a simple message will be displayed when the parser encounters a problem with rich text nodes. This alert will inform the user of the problem and where in the data file the problem is located. Armed with this information, the user can choose to edit the FreeMind data file with a text editor (or possibly with FreeMind), correct the error and re-import into MinDgo.