How To: Export a New MinDgo 2 Document

MinDgo 2 can copy (import) existing mind maps from a Dropbox folder, the iTunes document folder or a new document can be created locally. This tutorial demonstrates how to export a new (local) mind map document from MinDgo 2 v2.1.

A new mind map document can be created directly in the MinDgo 2 app. This document can be exported to a Dropbox folder[1], the iTunes document folder[2] or attached to an email[3].

  1. When exporting to Dropbox, the document is copied to the root folder. It can be moved to another location afterwards, if desired. Note that MinDgo 2 will need to be linked to a Dropbox account before this feature will work. Also, exporting a document to Dropbox does not enable the synchronization features of the app. A document needs to be “Copied from Dropbox” to enable the synchronization feature.
  2. When exported to iTunes, the document can be copied from the device using iTune running on your Windows or Mac OS X computer.
  3. When sharing using email, the document is sent as an email attachment. Note that your iOS device must be configured for email before this feature will work.