MinDgo 2 v2.0

MinDgo 2 v2.0 is now available from the iTunes App Store. MinDgo 2 is a companion app to FreeMind and Freeplane, two great open source mind-mapping applications. The MinDgo 2 app allows you to view and edit mind maps on your small screen iOS devices. What’s new in v2.0: Document synchronization. Documents can be imported, exported and synchronized with Dropbox. The document list is now ordered by the date most recently updated.

MinDcard v3.0

MinDcard v3.0 is now available from the iTunes App Store.

MinDcard is an iOS app that filters FreeMind compatible mind maps, transforming specially annotated nodes into study cards. These study cards are then organized into decks and presented in a flash card manner using the Leitner Learning System.

What’s new in v3.0:

  • Refreshed app internals (based on MinDgo 2)
  • Updated app icon
  • Minimum supported iOS version raised to 5.1

MinDgo 2 v1.2

MinDgo 2 v1.2 is now available at the iTunes App Store. This maintenance release is in response to user feedback and adds some minor usability enhancements. More extensive enhancements will follow in the next major release. Changes in v1.2 include; The app will now Prompt for Overwrite when importing a mind map with the same name of an existing document. A clearer message will be displayed when the app is unlinked with Dropbox and the Copy to Dropbox action is attempted.

MinDgo 2 v1.1

The MinDgo 2 v1.1 maintenance release has been approved and is ready for download from the App Store. This release contains the following changes: Bug fix: When viewing mind maps, the back button would disappear under certain conditions. Bug fix: After importing a mind map, the map would occasionally appear in the documents list before it was actually ready to be used. Updated to latest version of the Google Analytics SDK.

MinDgo 2 v1.0

I’m very happy to announce that MinDgo 2 has been approved for distribution from the Apple App Store. MinDgo 2 is a first and foremost, a companion app to FreeMind and Freeplane, two great open source mind-mapping applications for your desktop. MinDgo 2 allows you to view and edit mind maps on your small screen iOS devices. If you’re not already a FreeMind or Freeplane user, you should be. If you’re already using one of these applications, you’ll want to have MinDgo so that you will have your mind maps with you when you’re on-the-go.

MinDcard v2.0

MinDcard v2.0 is now available for purchase at the Apple app store. This version is primarily a refinement (both internal and user visible), but it also includes several notable feature enhancements. These changes include; Supports Freeplane 1.2.18 (in addition to FreeMind 0.9.0) During the initial development of MinDcard, Freeplane was updated from 1.1.3 to 1.2.18. This update catches up with the latest stable version of Freeplane. MinDcard will support FreeMind 1.

MinDgo v5.0

MinDgo v5.0 is now available at the iTunes App Store. This upgrade includes support for Freeplane’s 1.2.18 file format changes and includes additional icons. Note that MinDgo discards features that it doesn’t directly support when importing files. This means that some features may be lost when a mind map is (for example) created in Freeplane, imported into MinDgo and then exported back into Freeplane. Although MinDgo will support more features over time, the diverging file format and features between FreeMind and Freeplane will make full feature compatibility unlikely.

MinDgo v4.1

MinDgo v4.1 is now available as a FREE download from the Apple App Store. What’s New in Version 4.1.0 (since v3.1) Added support for iTunes File Sharing (requires iTunes 9.1+ and iOS 4+). Enhanced file imports; importing mind maps is 10x faster, uses less memory, improved error handling. Improved error handling when editing rich-text nodes. Minimized analytics tracking. Bug Fix: Empty nodes caused the back button to disappear.

MinDgo v3.1

MinDgo v3.1 is available for download from the Apple app store. This is a minor update that contains no end-user enhancements other than the Import Error alert that was announced in the previous post.


MinDgo v3

MinDgo v3 is now available in the Apple App Store. What’s new in MinDgo v3 Functional Changes: New support for Rich Format and Plain Text nodes. Node Styles (added in v2) have been replaced by Rich Format support. Support for iOS 5 Visual Improvements: Cell Shading: Mind map nodes are now shaded, providing greater visual separation. Child Counts: The display of node children has been visually enhanced.